Suruga-Sagami Conflict
Conflict: Kanto Wars
Date: 1554
Place: Suruga Province
Outcome: Takeda-Imagawa victory
Takeda Mon Takeda Clan
Imagawa Mon Imagawa Clan
Hojo Mon Hojo Clan
Uesugi Mon Uesugi Clan
Takeda Shingen
Imagawa Yoshimoto
Hojo Ujiyasu
Uesugi Kenshin
15,000 20,000
1,000 10,000
The Suruga-Sagami Conflict was a lump combination of a number of skirmishes among the Imagawa Clan, the Takeda Clan, and the Hojo Clan, with a little Uesugi Clan action thrown in. In the end, the Takeda and Imagawa defeated the invaders.

Background Edit

Before Oda Nobunaga's rise to power, the plains of Kanto were hotly contested among the Takeda, Uesugi, and Hojo. In 1554, the Imagawa invaded Mikawa. Hojo Ujiyasu saw the chance to invade Suruga Province. Imagawa Yoshimoto appealed to Takeda Shingen for help in the defense.


The Takeda forces advanced, facing the Hojo again in battle. Ujiyasu sent his forces to attack the Takeda vanguard under Asahina Yasutomo and Okabe Motonobu, who were isolated. However, Shingen jumped into the battle and defeated the enemy advance unit. This success was turned back when the Uesugi arrived to reinforce the Hojo Army. Uesugi Kenshin and Uesugi Aya attacked the enemy, who were ambitious beyond their stations. Asahina Yasuyoshi, the commander of the Central Garrison, was defeated by the enemy forces. Shima Sakon, though only fourteen years of age, led an infantry attack that took over the garrison again. The Imagawa arrived with reinforcements, and helped to drive off the Uesugi attack. Ujimasa Hojo became the subject of an Uesugi attack, now aligned against the Takeda forces. Kenshin was beaten off before he could reach the young one. Anbe Motozane, a Takeda commander, was again defeated by the Uesugi who had yet again realigned. The allied forces of Takeda and Imagawa finally pressed the attack and wiped the enemy off the field.

Aftermath Edit

Following the battle, the Imagawa brokered an alliance with the Takeda and the Hojo for their mutual benefit so the Imagawa could deal with the Oda while the Takeda and the Hojo could turn their attentions toward the Uesugi.