Mori Mon
Historical Information
Location: Aki Province
Start: 1225
End: present
Major General(s): Mori Motonari
Mori Terumoto
Mori Takakage
Muneshige Tachibana
Ginchiyo Tachibana
Major Battle(s) Battle of Chugoku
Battle of Kozuki Castle
Battle of Kizugawaguchi
Confrontation at Yamazaki
The Mori Clan was one of the clans of the Sengoku Jidai.

History Edit

The Mori were a seaborne nation, masters of the waves who were able to build great navies to give them more land. Mori Motonari, in 1578, defeated an alliance of enemies at Chugoku. In this battle, he gained the allegiance of the Tachibana Clan of Kyushu. The two clans allied and defeated the next Oda invasion at Kozuki Castle. Then, the Mori again fought the Oda clan at Kizugawaguchi. The small Mori fleet led by Murakami Takayoshi was fast, and sunk severakl O Ataka Bune battleships. Kuki Yoshitaka was soundly defeated, and withdrew. Motonari fought against the Oda in his own attack at Yamazaki, where he faced a new enemy coalition, and won the battle. However, the next Oda attack at Kizugawaguchi in 1579 was a defeat, and the Mori clan was destroyed. Motonari died, and the Oda took over the fortress of Mt. Ishiba-Honganji from the Magoichi Saika-led rebels. The Mori remained enemies of the Oda until Nobunaga died, from when Hideyoshi invaded. The Mori surrendered, and joined the Western Army at Sekigahara. However, they defected to the East and were awarded a dukedom in 1868 by the Tokugawa Clan.