Battle of Okehazama
Battle of Okehazama
Battle of Okehazama
Conflict: Campaigns of Oda Nobunaga
Date: 1560
Place: Okehazama, Owari Province
Outcome: Oda victory
Oda Mon Oda Clan Imagawa Mon Imagawa Clan
Tokugawa Mon Matsudaira Clan
Oda Nobunaga Imagawa Yoshimoto
Matsudaira Takechiyo
2,000 40,000
few Total force killed, wounded, or captured
The Battle of Okehazama was the decisive engagement of the conflict between Oda Nobunaga and Imagawa Yoshimoto. Though outnumbered, Nobunaga attacked the enemy main camp and won the battle.

Background Edit

Oda Nobuhide went to war with the Imagawa Clan of Suruga Province in 1545, allied to the Matsudaira Clan. His son Oda Nobunaga continued his campaigns, first asserting control over the clan before making a decisive move. Imagawa marched on Kyoto with 40,000 soldiers

Battle Edit

Nobunaga sent his cavalry under command of Toshiie Maeda to eliminate the Imagawa pickets, while his general Toyotomi Hideyoshi advanced to raid the enemy main camp. Though Toshiie doubted that 2,000 men could prevail over 40,000, he stuck to the plan and annihilated the cavalry advance unit. Nobunaga began his advance shortly after, defeating the main guard of Ii Naomori and killing him. Meanwhile, Hideyoshi entered the main camp, vacant and gates open. Imagawa Yoshimoto was dumbfounded and began to flee. Shibata Katsuie gave chase, while Hideyoshi headed to attack the Matsudaira army led by Takechiyo. Takechiyo refused to surrender, saying that he owed a life debt to the Imagawa, and the two began battle. Takechiyo's commander Honda Tadakatsu refused to let Yoshimoto flee into the Tokugawa camp, and was trapped. Nobunaga caught up to the enemy commander, and one of his samurai killed him. Rumored to be seen as one of his own men, Yoshimoto allegedly had no idea that he was under attack and was beheaded. After his lord's death, Takechiyo surrendered to the Oda army and became a general.

Aftermath Edit

Imagawa Ujizane took control of the shattered Imagawa Clan, though in effect defeated. He played no role in the rest of the Sengoku period. Meanwhile, Oda Nobunaga continued his conquests with Takechiyo (renamed Tokugawa Ieyasu) under his protection. Nobunaga invaded the Saito Clan in 1567, followed with several other victories. Okehazama was just the beginning of Nobunaga's great battles.